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February 4th, 2008

And thus began the new year! HELLO 2008
HEYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy, January

I have a new spiffy daily rip off cat calender wooh! 
here we go
1- SLEEPOVER at tiffanys, made breakfast at 530, saw the sunrise, and flee pay. Left early though because I needed to sleep! Slept till 5, and played zelda, BEASTINGGGGG
2-school, vacation is over. Went to the mall with stephen and melanie, Me and stephen were terrorists in the department stores. Especially american eagle. "Ma'am get OUT of the dressing room!" "What?" "Theres a BOMB!" Staples and binders; trading mas presents with stephen. Dinner at melanies. Gossip girl at 8
3- Was uninvited to go to the city with melanie and tiffany, :( how depressing.- New contacts.
4-Went on the hunt for photo profolios, Joined the science olympiad, Katie was increasingly sick. Tiffany and melanie went to bryans party. Rebecca was grounded and went to shiskos. Stayed in ..BOO
5-SAW4, Town with rebecca- the pursuit was on. Watched Hostel 2 at rebeccas with dylan. RON ROSIN PENETRATED MY WALLS.
6-Morenos outline- long and deahtly. Futurama marathon. 
7-Went in a half a day.
8-went to melanies with stephen and went to panera bread. Phillip asked me out. Meet jens BF. Saw luke at panera.
9-VOWED NOT TO GO TO GYM ANYMORE> Art club, texts with steve quinn. ZELDA got big.Brought my camera to school.
10-English gives some asshole headaches. Car wash with jen. Melanie was absent. Melanie has a "heart murr murr".
11-There was a big rain storm so I called the school to confirm there was school. and the lady on the phone was a jerk- there was school btw.Quinns face is puffy? Chilled in town with the townies. Jen sleepover in my room. Chilled at construction, the pursuit proved futile. Watched 30 DAYS OF NIGHT
12-FIOS GUYS- Jen sleepover. My bamboo plant has parasites. GOOD NIGHT
Got shit, Phil/Nick a came through!!!!! 
13-English Essay, Observed some nice sights of science with rebecca online- invisibility cloak. Bit of writers block. CHILLED ALL DAY!
14-No sleep, ran on crack energy. Chilled with townies. SAW JUNO- didnt think it was haha funny, but i liked it. WATCHED A DOCUMENTARY ON JFK!
15-I cracked my molar cap during 7th lunch. Melanie locked me and stephen out, awesome chocolate milk though. Left after melanie and katie went to the dentist.
16-STEVE B. IS 17! Drew shane his present. Italiano midterm- CHEATED. English midterm- TOUGH, PHOTO MIDTERM- easy. Chilled with amy rosi and brandon at art club? weird
17-ENGLISH MIDTERM CONTINUED> dentist- first time i ever considered him a butcher. Quinn has mono. Yeah okay. ALanna was an asshole. 
18-Was going to go to the city with patrice[?] tiffany and melanie, but they didnt want me there. Got drunk in town instead with katie rebecca and townies, nick a came through. Didn't lose katie for the first time. DRAMA
19-Went to katies all day- watched gossip girl, watched bill and teds execellent adventure.. gooooooood- made brownies, geena came over and we watched projefct runway and top model. Chilled and chatted. Officially gave up on Quinn.
20-COLDEST DAY EVER!!!!Went to dylans then us and the townies walked to the rockies- NEW SITE-  hoboed it with a fire in an abandoned BBQ, me and rebecca left because it was too cold. Hunan for two hours, then watched supa bad at rebeccas and had hot cocoa.
21-Tiffany and katie and almost melanie saw 27 dresses without us. And I did not study for physics.
22- PHYSICS EXAM, okay. went to melanies. Then stephen hung out at my house all night.
23-No test, nothing really. Studied for AMERICAN HISTORY
24-EXAMINATION the american history kind. FELT incredibly confident. Diner afterward. Then Katies just us. Bumped into nicka and dylan. Later xillia katie nick a and stephen and i were all making bracelets in the basement. 
25- MATH EXAM, went off nicely, stephen had a math b regents. 
26- The day the earth crumbled. Night was fun, peed with kaite, party at jays, intense intoxication. Then i ODed on gin and scotch. Got super caught. then hospitalized lol.
27- GROUNDED- the day of the never ending hang over.
28-missed school, seriouslyt his hang over was never ending.
29-School, still grounded. 
30- Broke the printer out of rageee. VERY BORED and very depressed.
31-things a bit better. Still really bored.

WELL THE ENDING SUCKED! but other than that january was fun. However this really screws up february for me. :(
I SHALL REMAIN FROZEN IN BORDEM FOREVER, though the begining was fun. And I think the night was worth it ahaha. 
I guess the rating it deserves is

January 3rd, 2008




Okay so I lost my calender just in time for december... Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I suppose I'll just try and remember it until I find a calender.

- The lighting of malverne.
FUN, drunkkk, katie didn't like tiffany was and thus tensions rose and the two seperated within their marrage for basically the entire month. 
The night was awesome though, oh yeah- pretty cold
-It indeed snowed a few times, only once was it actually a good snowing. Thank you global warming.
-We had a break, in which case I chilled mostly at the construction site, AYO!
-One time I believe they burned an old christmas tree, was sooooooooooo cool!
-Steve Quinn likes me.
-Spent my days in town ayo, drank much.
-Went to the city with tiffany and rebecca, HOOKAED and ended up definetly bummed, OD? And had super fridays.
-I neglected my friends, because my friends were neglecting my friends.
-KATIE AND TIFFANY REUNITED, and it felt sooooo good.
-Celebrated the end of the december and the end of the year with dinner out with the girls, and party at tiffanys. Sober like tradition serves it.

That's all I can remember.
I rate this month as a worthy december, though I do not remember it much. :)

December 26th, 2007

(no subject)


 Since this is  more of a calender of events of ours adolescence i shall grow out a new journal.

this journal- budding from my every pore- will be a real journal where i may rant. open to all/ only if you add.
I am growing, reshaping, my body forming a new. from this journal spouts a new journal. one in which i promise to take care to go off tangents with punctuation and grammer in mind. spelling will become anything but askew.

"make new journals but keep the old. one is silver and the others gold...."
--- that means that this journal will indeed be kept, for those who cannot interpret. 

add- </a></font></b></a>juliegunz

December 4th, 2007

-found out tiffanys father left while we were at syracuse [divorce?]
-i blew up on melissa because she was asking for it.
-I love hot fuzz.
-i got an sat book.
-Went to crooklyn for a fashion show with my uncle
a model asked me to take pictures of her for her adjent! 
-Then diner with tiff and dana, was told of problications between the friendship balance.
^ good sentence right?
-Running with mel?
hooka, john ahhaa too close, meet bryan albert, went with melanie and rebecca.
was fun. i enjoy hooka. oh yeah smoked weed.
we were being hunted for we told no one of our adventures.
-we watched many movies.
-MELANIE went to see sarah sylvernman with jesse.
-I had to make up gym so much for missing it the enterity of ever. god i have a way with words.
-being a vegetarian [WHICH I WAS SINCE OCT 16TH TO NOVEMBER 18TH] is very trying. I am so hungry.
place, construction site
tiffany got toooo fucking drunk. she was everywhere.
she hooked up with those she should not have.
and she keep falling down.
so i walked her home.
katie punched her in the face because tiffany was calling her a horrible friend,
she was drunk too,
we all were. no one was ready to handle this.
- the next morning i had to explain it to tiffany, who hadn't remembered anything. this was awkward for me. especially since i hate using a phone.
-I went into town with dana and rebecca the night after. if was freezing and compared to last night it was boring and intensely gay. i left early.
-i got a winter coat, HEYYYYYYY FERBIE!
-I COULDNT DONATE BLOOD, because i had smoked only a week earlier. it was only until that day did katie tell me if wouldnt matter. fuck.!!!!
-THEN I ATE MEAT!!!! [18TH] at melanies. 
-the school shrink wants tiffany to get tested [continuation of night of massacare] and is blackmailing her to do so.
though is hasnt happened yet.
-I sold candy with tiffany and melanie today,
we let erm that black kid with the hugelips- this does no justice but hes name escapes me- have free candy if he'd kiss these strange girls on the cheek. hahaha
-chilled at a steak house with melanie- I WAS OUT OF REACH MY MOM GOT WORRIED AND SHE ANNOYED ME INTENSELY.
-pointless chilling in town without alcohol.
-one time i can in at 5th period and it was chill
-MELANIE HAS GUITAR HERO., we enjoy playing it.
our strategy- katie does the string part, stephen does the notes, i do the wammy.
I WAMMY JUST FINE THANK YOU!i!i!i!i -can you guess that those are just i's
I day!!! shortened periods. 
-Chris came in to chill.
-night at downing and ding dong ditch. mel and chris [yes baby] and it was a good night.
-THANKSGIVING- FUN FUN too much food. my uncles came. 
-following that i had a night in.
-on NOVEMBER 24TH I PARTYED AND DRANK THANK THE LORD. at the construction site.
i wish shit was as easy to get still.
-back to school we had a half a day and after that shit
me and katie and melanie went to a diner. we walked home and talked about colleges and hide from her dad.
-I AM 8TH IN MY CLASS!!!! stephens 7th. whateversss
-haha me and melanie were going to go running but then we never did
instead we ate ice cream at her house.
-KEARAS SWEET SIXTEEN!! THAT shit was ballin!!
alanna and antwain drama.
drunkness, BUT NOT ME :(
i had SAT in the morning.
mike rammed his head into stephens.
he got stitches
he tells his parents he was with me.
but doesnt tell me.
so when his step dad yells at me over the phone
i have no idea.

DRAMAAAAA- SAVE IT FOR YA MAMA, NOT ALANNA... she has too much drama of her own ahhaa.

November 2nd, 2007

OCTOBER- how are you?


- haha my months goal was not to crack my fingers.
when will i learn that IM ADDICTED TO CRACK?!?
-i was tired.
-my 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i turned sixteen
i got too much food as presents and no actual presents
i thought people would forget about my birthday
and they kinda did
but school and all was so much fun
imena gave me a party during 9th period chem with dr. physics.
went to fridays with familia?
my friends never celebrated with me.
we didn't/
-me and my sister when to tri country or whatever and got me this sweeeeeeeeet bag. and then jen got me bamboO!!! horah and these awesome oriental bracelets.
-ON OCTOBER 4TH i found out stephen and mike were going out.
-one friday i chilled home then went out into lynbrook.
-i supa ditched colorguard when i went upstate for columbus day weekend!
HEADLESS MOTHERFUCKING HORSEMEN! the best, the best, the best!!!
second day- CRAFT FAIR, SKI LIFT[that view holy shit], RESERVOIR, AND A POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! god that was the only pool i was in all year. 
third day- pumpkins and apples. the thrill was over. it was intensely hot. we just wanted to go home.
i wasnt there but i hear it was banging.
melanie left after 30 minutes. tiffany and kaite never left.
people went through his moms underwear and smoked weed in his basement.
nick a and hannifid were caught.
twin day, melanie ashley and rebecca?, ME AND AMY haha crutches.
mix match day, i improvised and put computer paper cuffs on with mix matches decoration.- the day gossip girl didnt follow the book anymore.
hat day, man this school is creative. i wore a mexican somberio.
brave heart facepaint- big competiton was alexia
ME AND STEPHEN WERE VOTED THE MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED!!!!! when they announced it the cheerleaders cheered all around me it was fucking amazing! best mother fucking day ever.me and stephen are king! we cut physics and still won woooooooooooooh!
fucking pep ralley was amazingggggggggggggg!!!!
-THATWASTHEDAYOFTHEPIMPMOBILEINLAKEVIEW. we paraded with what, 8 people 10 people in that car haha. yelling and playing screamo soulja boy. fuck ya- then someone spit on the car and we got our white asses home.
-there was a parade. surprisingly like always colorguard seems to rule our lives this time of year.
-competition numbero que? 2nd place again.. divison 75.4, us 71.1- considered our best performance ever.
-THE COMPETITON OF MAC- "the day of the veagan"
we got 78.1- though you may not compare it. or you will perish.
-colorguard practices ruled life as we knew it.
-I SKIPPED SCHOOL ON THE 16TH. and instead stayed home.
-the PSATS were held. thank you to our new and ancient principal.
-after the PSATS me and stephen skipped three periods to go to a diner. then cologuard.
-TWAS PICTURE DAY on the 19th.
it was during our history classes so mine was in the morning. i didnt feel a little bit prepared.
[note; my picture, though i dont give myself enough credit, was quite nice. better then last years.]
that was the night that all of my friends got drunk, didnt call, and i stayed home.
[how self conscience i felt]
- MINEOLA! 2nd again, surprise surprise!
division- 71.9, us 71.45/ FUCKING CLOSE CALL B.
mineola was the night where me and rebecca met MAX RUBIN!
-then i had my period.
-i had a week in which i was intensely exhausted.
-on practice for marchingband tiffany and stephen yelled at us for not wanting to come in early. i felt wronged.
-THE OUTDOORS CLUB, i really dont plan on participating this year.
-hahha we had an extra practice on thursday for championships were this weekend.
-was attempting to get drunk or bring alcohol to syracuse but that plan spoiled quickly.
PHOENIX- got an outstanding and tied with divison. are things looking up?
SYRACUSE- malverne: 74.1 4th place... BUMMER
division: 76.2 2nd place.... ouchhhhhhhhh.

even though division clearly kicked our asses our captains made good friends with their captains and this season- not the music- was fun.
crank that colorguard, the double d's, the laughs, the memories, it's all good.
-HALLOWEEN, i had the greatest face paint eva!
my custome was banging
i- evil dead ring leader master thing. superrrrrrrrr rad.
melanie- a bumble bee
rebecca- alice in wonderland.
katie- sexy butterfly
alanna- red riding hood?
stephen- left early to hang out with mike.
tiffanny- i cant remember what she was............. :(
i lost my cane half way into my drunkness and tiffany lost her way, and was found on some train tracks.
it was a complicated night, but for most halloweens go that was pretty fun.

OCTOBER WAS -intense, loud, in your face, and consumned by colorguard.

October 1st, 2007


 -on the first sunday i went to pennsylvania to chill with my POPSTAR COUSIN!
-katies pimp mobile broke down and boys from town had to push it back.
-I began to panic.
My scheduel was a flaming pile of shit
no art, chem ap, gayyyyyy--> SO I fixed it
I went all around asking the classes i wanted when their classes were and I eventually came about a new scheduel- in which i did the entire leg work. I was so proud.
so that got fixed.
- Mes balay was angry i gave up.
-After school me and katie and dylan and rebecca and nick a and some other kids all greating the new school year at whalen.
-I had a good friday in which i chilled with katie and stephen.
- later that night the B/\ went out for some FRIDAYS!
-ewwww we had a mini camp for band, then i chilled home.
-thankfully the hardass summer assignments were completed. very confusingly so- "you do this chapter and i'll do this one... come over while i babysit and we'll brian storm the essay." it never ended. TILL NOW!
-jason <3
-one colorguard practice dionna's cell phone went off. hahaha, she went crazy. it was hilarious.
-missed the 9-11 service for the first time in like 3 years....
-between gym in the morning, clubs, and wednesday practice - I WAS AT SCHOOL FOR 14 HOURS one horrid wednesday!
-stressed as you can tell
-hurray the jewish new year- went to mall with stephen and melanie. 
later we chilled in lynbrook.
-I GOT THE GARDASIL shot, "i wanna be one less".
- That same day me katie and stephen smoked weed in nick a's backyard and i had some shots..
later that night we went to the carnival and them carnival rides was banging! those i rode with melanie.
-OUR FIRST COMPETITION- sachem, 2nd place.. eye opener.
division- 66.10, us 65.sdhfg
-OUR SECOND COMPETITON- divison, tie. do we have a chance?
both got 64.9
-I felt overweight at one point. yes during the competition[?]
-I JOINED THE photo club, geeeek.
-then i joined the key clubbbbb- along with my b/\, yeah its mine... not yours. haa
-In the art honor society, yes i joined that too, we painted the damned roses on the damned flags.
awesome awesome
i got wayyyyyy to drunk, but it was all dancy and shit and i liked it!
katie danced with shakar.
i threw up in the bathroom and the lady attendent thought i was insane.
-I had a horrible hang over so i was late to colorguard marching band camp the next day
everyone was mad
everyone made me feel completely uncomfortable
i never want that again.
-THEN WE SAW across the universe
-AND I GOT MY PERIOD!!!!!!!! WHICH I BELIEVE TO BE A MISCARRIAGE, did i mention i wasnt getting my period for ermmmm two months?
yes it made my strawberry fields cry too. mwahhaha cry uterus blood, HURRAY!
-THIRD COMPETITON!- brentwood, 2nd place [out of two]... crap
divison- 75.0, us 73.2 --> the day of the messed up judges.
-i began over stressing about clubs, once i joined the black studys and the newspaper. damnnnnnn gurl
-one dauy jeffrey taught me ass workouts in gym- HOW WONDERFUL
my blood is still on the steps of the photo room, i'll show you. 
i had to go to the hospital and get liquid stitches. how exciting!
-4th COMPETITION- copaige, i danced!!!!!!!!
yes i danced! i had to fill in for dana, i did well. stephen was so kind he helped me while we did it, we did it.
second place... i see a pattern. divison- 74.5, us 69.ghjk?!?!?!
-that competition was a great day for me. I ACHIEVED GREATNESS.
-i had family over to celebrate my birthday.
this made me fear how fast time is traveling and how slow i wish it were., like always.

"a vast array of colors past by
but you only focus on the grays
lift up your head and
welcome the sunshining rays.
it's time you stop your wheeping
for what i am unsure
put on a smile and enjoy the day
it is the only cure."

SEPTEMBER WAS A BITCH, hectic and full of second place. 
but there were great nights that therefore demn september as


September 9th, 2007



Ring, ring...

Mark: hello?
Telemarketer: Hello, can I speak with Mrs. Gaither?
Mark: Sorry, she's not in.
Telemarketer: Can I speak with Mr. Gaither?
Mark: No such person here.

Telemarketer silently slips his hand towards his sword...

Telemarketer: Can I speak with the person who makes the decisions regarding your phone service?

Mark fu, with his cat like senses, feels a slight tingling in his chi, he raises his right eyebrow.

Telemarketer kicks a stool in Mark fu's direction and then slices towards his chest...

Telemarketer: MCI is offering a great deal on local phone service today.

Mark fu slips effortlessly to the right, and thrusts his hand into telemarketers chest, the five point palm of death.

Mark: I'm sorry, but I am not interested, and can you please take us off of your calling list.

Telemarketer stand motionless as blood slowly drips from his lips. He stares with disbelief at Mark fu, and then falls helpless to the ground, dead.

Telemarketer: It will take about seven days to get you off our list.
Mark: Thank you.


Mark fu stands over the dead body of Telemarketer, his hand out streatched and shaking...

Mark fu: *almost in a whisper* I have avenged you, teacher... 

thank you camera obscura

September 8th, 2007

scheduel 2007-08

0- weight training on day 1
1- ap american history
2- photo 2
3- drawing and painting
4- math b
5- lunch
6- physics
7- physics lab day two
7- free
8-italian 4: college level
9- ap english

September 6th, 2007



-Ight, so we kicked off august with stephen sweet sixteen, drank some warm beers at longbeach. Fun times with la crew unt brando and the ever so famous and super fun tina.
-chilled in malverne, were going to smoke and melanie would not come out of her house. tiff and her's sleepover was cancled.
-Went to merrick to justins with jessie mel and emily, jessie was an annoying hoe that night. Got some icies.
-Took the train ^
-Went to the beach with mel and krista, krista epp, yummy bistro. <-- goooood day. 
-warped tour, didnt go but many did.
-chilled with mel afterward. GOT STUCK ON THE TRAIN BACK HOME, ENDED UP IN VALLEY STREAM!! wtf
-completed more chemistry assignments.
-colorguard mondays 5-9, retards enough said.
-awoke at 3 30 to go to CITY gma, FREE UNDERWEAR DAY, museum visit, FEL WAS ANNOYING, yummy mexican food place for lunch, feet hurt very tired. great amazing day - eddie at gma, eddie windowguy, signed copy of eclipse.
-there was a tornado in brooklyn... woeeh
- me and melanie journied from her house to gryst park, why no one knows. but the journey had to comense.
--begining of something new?
-finished brave new world.
-my parents had a date in the city, awwwwwwwwww
-went shopping for some super cute tops with me momy, yeahhhad
-procastination encasted my entire body.
-there was a TEEN TITAN MARATHON amazing.
-melanies parents anniversary.
-plastered my walls finally. the spacle smelled like ass
-writers block
almost fainted first day, found out library has newspapers.
finished the first song tuesday, finished the second songs drill wednesday finished almost all drill last day.
joes an asshole. second song work, first song perfection (psshot)
-upstate trip with parents, very enjoyable. scored some awesome jewlery.
-battle of the bands, didnt go but other did.
-tiff and eddie thangggggg
-Saw chuck and larry --> AMAZING
-melanie had a beach tennis match.
-struggled with some school work.
-hung in town was completely stalked by that MALVERNE UFSD GUY
-got a cold
-saw the invasion, suckedddddd.. helped these girls sneak into super bad.
-got articles for school work.
-saw the simpsons movie.
-wednesday practices, oh shit seasons picking up!!!!
-burnt omletes at melanies, then was thrown out, then went to a crazy awesome party!! agreat time at katies, didnt get to drunk, but did get fucking wasted!!!! 
stephen had to much, walked him home and he got caught, he got GROUNDED FOR A WEEKEND!!
-another party at katies this time with melanie, not as much fun because it wasnt as crazy, but i got sooooo drunk delivious!
-i sent a letter to tiffany who WENT TO ARIZONA!
-me and melanie were going to chill with la tennis crew but couldnt see superbad so we just saw the WWE wrestlers and chilled.
-went to the library with mel and stephen, they got their articles.
-fun performing night at colorguard.
-I SANDED MY FUCKING WALLS FOR 3 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES! damn the uneven spackle.
- babysat with tiffany and made 25 DOLLARS!! didnt really earn it but whateves haha
crazy assholes in tacobell, they confronted meeeeeeeee ahh, and they said my bangs were weird
 ohhhh how i curse them!
-yummy tacos though

All in all, the substance abuse this summer or this august was not up to par as i had hoped but it was alright. August was plauged with extreme work and panic as school neared, but all i well. August was a pretty gnarly time and i give it a rating of....


August 2nd, 2007



-colorguard was every monday from 5-9, awesome.
-the new girls have no eye hand corodinations, that worries me a tad.
-saw license to wed with TA BIG CREW, movie pretty much sucked ass. aha
-on july fourth i want to suffolk, and celebrated with my cousins.
-Had an unfortunate evening, and shown it through completely.
-Meet a boy named ryan one night hanging with rebbecca and dylan and his crew, we cuddled alot; he was clingy.
-I enjoyed it though :), he lives in florida haha
- 7/7/07 crazy drunken night with rosi mel tiff and krista.
krista plants bad sugestions in julies drunken stated mind
everyone died haha
rebbecca took me and tiff in to sober up, awwwwwww
lovely, melissa drove me round to feel better.
-Saw the harry potter movie in the imax theature at 12 00 AM!!
bitch "dont listen to a thing they say, i have 25 people here to testifye, they were so toootally in the back!"
-Movies in merrick, transformers I do believe, with mel tiff justin and jessie, pretty boring.
-Had a colorguard sectional where no one came.
- went to the beach with stephen twice in a row!
-Melanie and tiffany went to woodstock for a weekend and both brought me back some awesome candles! hehe
-Went upstate with my parents and enjoyed the perks of corn, davenport, gocarts, batting cages, and hotel memories. oh the olden days how you are so well loved!
-Created and completed several TO DO LISTS.
-Went to stephens after a few colorguard practices and then later walked home with tiffany.
-Saw the movie 'knocked up', FUCKING HILLARIOUS!
dont let the door hit you in the vagina on your way out!
- chillllllllllllllled
-Hang in town and later followed this poor kid with speakers, ipod, and our off key voices. all the way till the intersection parkway thing haha.
there was also a very scary man in a car that just stared at us, we shuttered.
were going to go into the beach with stephens brando but decided to get HIGH
haha, cut up legs, tiff lost sandle, dog chased us, ended up in lakeview haha -hopped the creek!-
aww wonderful, thank you taylor fuchi [in my cuchi]
-went to the harry potter book opening thing at midnight with tiff and her family, haha. fred dies, thats all i can remember.
-Melissa turns 18!, went out to dinner with fam and vinny (AWKWARD)
-did a day of home improvement.
-Cooked for the family party of melissa's growing age.
-freaked out about chemistry dare i say so myself.
-Saw hairspray with large crew, goooood movie. Funner on negro day, not even gonna lie.
-worked out at sporttime with melanie. Chilled with melanie then afterward.
-TIFFANY'S BIRTHDAY!!! shes fucking old!! haha no im just younge, :( hdashaidf haha
-Worked out with melanie again, spent the night home.
-worked out with melanie again, okay three days in a row now.
-Hung out with mel's friends in merrick, got crazied off redbull. almost got into a rumble.
aye bay bay, "what pussy?!??!?! come over here!" oh shit.
got a bit buzzed that night too haha
-tiffany and eddie started going out.
-chilled in lynbrook, meet up with two of the coolest: JJ and Ryan. haha
-Searched for a snazzy dress for tiffanys sweet sixteen BBQ
fun fun fun fun
stocked up with captain morgan and whatnot. thats nice.

July was alot more full then this i just got really lazy with my calender haha, whoops.
anyhow, july was awesome, because i got to sleep late hmmm. and there were some fun times.

July 1st, 2007


[in a nutshell]
-This was the last month of school.
-tiffany came in for a half a day on june first. tisk tisk
-It began getting extremely hot.
-Melanie and I went to target to stock up on diet supplies, because we dieted haha.
-I lived at photo extra help.
-We were completely introlled with lords of dogtown.
-Ditched out on saturday school on several accounts.
-Tiffany went to her CHURCHLY-WALK-A-THON!
-I was also obsessed with smokin' aces.
-I did not attend church, oi0odsf.
-I bought a new toothbrush
-I began the never ending home improvement movement.
-I was in dier search for the nymph king.
-Had about 458034 chem test's to better prepare us for regents, ugh.
-Got a one hundred on the italian speaking ahhaha
-Colorguard practice picked up, then ended.
-Finished my cinderella album, special thanks to the main characters (B/\) who put up with it. lol
-Melanie spilled salsa all over herself at stephens. 
-Photo final, got a 104, o0o0o0o!
-cleaned my locker before the evil school destroyed my belongings like last year. >:(
-stephen was suspened for foul play on the foreign language pro-tee-tude test.
-forever proving that ms good sucks hahahah
-had a date with melanie and went to see oceans 13, fun.
-Had a drunken party with rosemary and krista haha, brandon was later involved bwahah!
-Brandon and rosemarys fired sparked, then blew out. ohh
-Katies sweet sixteen at leto beach, bit awkward but fun with alana.
-Stayed home from school and missed colorguard caption tryouts because of massive bug bites.
-Last day of school for the sophomore year, june 12th.
-My dad turned a year older on the 13th.
- English regents 14-15. hard but i got good mark on it ya.
-Italian regents, passed with a 68 WOOOOOOOOOOOH! im done with that shit foreva!
-went upstate?
-went to the dinner before the unfairly hard global regents.
-annie became a good friend haha.
-we walked down the lakeview hill into our regents, IMPRESSIVE MOMENT.
-chemistry regents, supposively we drank later that night? got like an 89 or something oasdfj.
-smoked WEED
-went to rocking horse ranch for five days, very fun but my sisters were making sure we don't go there again.

JUNE WAS A TAD BIT STRESSFUL, however there were great moments and for that I herby claim that june was not only extreme but it was X-TREMEEEE

June 11th, 2007



softball continued
I had a cold
House was amazing and so was the finale
Home game  19:4, lost
I broke my egg to mes balay to see if it was real
-it exploded in my pants
Excercised excessively in the begining of the month
There was a Thunderstorm
Home Game 33:1 WE WON!
I didn't go to my church retreat
Dana turned 15, went to her party. BANGING cake.
- Tiffany got sick then
Had an awkward second with skater joe
Went to Dirty Jersey for my cousins Jacks first communion
Had a photoshoot at melanies
Finished two uber essays.
Went to the mall once, got melanie her gift for her sweet 16
Game home 6:19 lost
I was an asshole in chatrooms repeatively that month.
I skipped a practice.
I enjoyed photo for like a day
Read TENDERNESS - good book
Game was cancelled because no one showed
The Band had a spring concert
I chilled at the library one afternoon.
Game 23:15 WON!
Super Thursday proved to be delicious this month
I had a bit of disturbed sleep
Game Lost
Rain Shower
Stayed in one friday night - BORING
Melanies birthday !!!! SHES 16
Went to the city for her bday, saw a chorus line, went to jack n hyde, photoshoot thanks to stephen around NYC. FUNNY
My family never celebrated Mothers day. hmm
Watched happy gilmore twice in one day
Watched the mummy and the mummy returns
Wrote yet another essay.
Last game, home, lost, MUD SLIDE- got soo dirty
Had a fight with rosemary.
I was in the MHS art show seven times, WOOH
Went to melanies to finished that annoying global project.
Took a day off from school - mental health day
Got new screen names and ditched old ones, aim reset
Watched the good shepherd - didn't really like it.
Went to queens once just to see douglaston from the car w/ jen.
Photoshoot @ melanies.
Got annoyed at the impatience of others.
Melanie never had her sweet 16 BBQ, got rained out.
Got reallllly fed up with the impatience of others.
Watched LOTR 2 for the first time
Had some cake at melanies sorta BBQ
Ditched saturday school once this month.
Exercised like a beast on may 20th
Watched movies that once day
Melanie's cell phone and i-pod were stolen.
Watched the boys game, they won!
I had a contact massacer!!
I lost my camera for school, but then Ms. Kapsos found it.
Cosby was disguisting, and I really wouldn't mind murdering him in his sleep.
Had a few panic attacks
Made chemical cupcakes with melanie.
Stephen got some NASTY BLISTERS!!
Went to pathmark super timing to put together a basket for melissa with jen.
Political cartoons.
The class of 2007's prank backfired, and it was funny.
tried to see POTC 3 but it was sold out.
Preprom was coo - saw fafa and jessica
Walked home from RVC, and some creature growled and we all run far, was intense!
Went to the beach on the first day of memorial day weekend, hehe
Katies recital, she did nicely
- was awkward because she was preoccupied with her other friends.
POTC 3 sucked! someone pulled the alarm - we got our money back.
Went to a greek festival, haa my mom and I danced the GREEK dance.
Had a SLUMBER PARTY at tiffanys!!
Vikkis first communion party
Went to her BBQ party, then went into lynbrook which was boring.
We painted the town pink with pink ribbons hehheahah
Had fun (?)
Memorial day parade- wasn't half bad.
went home had a family BBQ
wrote and essay for colorguard captain
Got greatly dehydrated during school
Went to wendys for lunch with melissa cribbon
Final photoshoot 
Chilled at melanies, me and tiffany walked home.
Ala Carta - adia and I had a falling out.
MHS HONOR SOCIETY induction ceremony
Another photoshoot, because the FINAL one didn't come out nicely.
I had a pepper incident.
Went to stephens later with katie.
Me and melanie began a diet, which we aren't really following.
AP thing, woo hoo
Got some gnarly cramps
Photo depressed me a tad bit. 
My mom kept annoying me by messing up my room 
-[putting my pants in the wrong draw, etc.]
Me and jen had a fighttt

May was kinda boring, wtf extreme.

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